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Mother's Day Should Be Celebrated Every Day: Do's & Don'ts

It's this time of the year again! Yes, it's Mother's Day! It's when our beloved moms can take a day off. FINALLY! In my opinion, Mother's Day should be celebrated once every week, but then some dads would want the same, and it will be a crazy space to enter. The event, which dates back to the early 1900s, frequently involves a breakfast or a family dinner and a gift. Sadly, finding the ideal present for someone who has been by our sides through thick and thin and helped mold us into the person we are today can be stressful and challenging.


On Mother's Day, we honor that lovely person we call mom, who has been there for us since the beginning, unconditionally loving us through all of the highs and lows. Here is a list of dos and don'ts to follow to make every day special for your mom.




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  • Purchasing a "useful" present for her.


Mother's Day is the best time to spoil your mom with extraordinary gifts and say "thank you" for the times she has placed you and your family first. We spotted a floating shelf recommendation in a recent gift guide. Isn't it true that nothing says "I love you" like shelving? Wrong. This should be a one-of-a-kind present for her, so no shelves, vacuum cleaners, or dishwashers!


  • Do not give her clothing as a present.


Unless your mother is a die-hard fashionista and you know her precise size and are sure you can choose something that is perfectly her style, this is a high-risk decision. It's too simple for things to go wrong. It might be too big, too little, the incorrect fit, or the wrong color, making mom feel less than impressive. If you insist on clothes, consider an accessory. Please attach a gift receipt and offer to return it for her if it isn't her thing, so you don't add it to her to-do list.


  • It would be best if you did not take her out for breakfast. You probably are taken aback by this one, aren't you? There is nothing against brunch in general, but on Mother's Day, brunch at a restaurant is flooded with people and their kids, including your own! Kids often are uncontrollable, screaming and crying, and misbehaving in restaurants. People are sneezing on their plates, servers running all over the place waiting on tables to decide if the guests want more bacon, and who look like they're about to burst out crying and yell, "I Quit!"


  • Please don't get her any cut flowers. Another surprise, eh? Cut flowers are lovely, but they don't look appealing when she's cleaning up dried petals and washing a scummy, stinking vase two weeks later. A better suggestion is to gift her a plant with gorgeous blossoms that she can maintain in a container or put in the garden.


  • Don't gift her a membership to the gym! It is a big NO unless she expressly requests one for Mother's Day. "I'd want to join a gym." It is possible that her New Year's resolution was to start going to the gym and lose weight. Still, a subscription for Mother's Day would highlight that:


A) She failed to follow her commitment, and B) you believe she looks overweight and loses extra pounds, which is not cool.


  • Please don’t give her any chores for the day; instead, let her sleep as much as she wants and bring her house help for a day or two to spare some time for herself. At the same time, this is something that we ought to practice routinely and not just on Mother’s Day. But it will be good to start if you haven’t done this for her until now.   





  • Choose a luxurious present. 


Moms frequently opt to forego something for their families and children to enjoy something extraordinary. That's why Mother's Day is the ideal event for spoiling mum with something she wouldn't buy for herself but would enjoy having. My favorite luxury presents are floral arrangements, scents, teas, and skincare items such as bath salts and hand lotions. All of these presents are intended to be small indulgences that will perhaps inspire Mom to take the time for herself to express gratitude for everything she does for you.


  • Consider spending quality time. 


As our lives become busy, one person we frequently overlook is our mother. We believe she'll be there forever. But parents are priceless, and so is our time with them, so spending time together doing something special is a fantastic present. If your mother likes going to the spa, spa days are always a great gift. Lunch at her favorite restaurant or a VIP screening of a film she wants to watch is two other possibilities. 


  • Don't forget to offer her gift vouchers to her favorite retailers. Some people dislike gift cards because they are impersonal. Still, I'd rather receive an impersonal gift card to my favorite clothing store than a sweater that is three sizes too large or a blouse that I would NEVER choose for myself.


  • Many women enjoy receiving jewelry. She'll adore it, whether diamonds or something that marks the day she became a mother, like a pendant with all of your children's birthstones.


  • Whether cooking or doing any household chores, remember that cleaning up after yourself is part of the agreement. 


  • Speaking of cooking for mom, cook a delicious breakfast meal that your wife or mother will like. She'll be impressed if you bake a cake for her and serve it with fresh juice or a good cup of coffee. 


  • Get a traditional gift: Mother's Day gifts are often heartfelt and encourage women to spend their downtime. One lovely Mother's Day gift option is giving her a Mother's Day gift basket loaded with her favorite things. Flowers and plants are also classic Mother's Day gifts for everyone, from your mother to your mother-in-law to your grandmother; this gift will certainly cheer them up.


  • Take her out for a spa, or bring it home! These days, many salons offer at-home services like manicures and pedicures. It will be a rejuvenating experience for her and very calming too.  



Whatever present you choose for your mother this year, I urge you to seize the chance to show how much you love her. And a special message for the dads: It's difficult to admit this, but we've had fathers who think, "Do I have to buy my wife a Mother's Day present, she's not my mother?" Yes, you must purchase her SOMETHING on Mother's Day since she is the mother of YOUR children and ought to be recognized as such. Bearing in mind that Father's Day is just around the corner, let's say there might be consequences!

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