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New Years Resolutions Mothers Should Make

There’s plenty of resolutions and self-made promises that mothers make every year. Lose weight, exercise everyday, spend more time with the kids and breathing every moment are a few goals mothers make every year to help themselves and the world around them. But we all have to be realistic and set manageable goals about resolutions at a certain point.

Resolution #1: Don’t compete with other mothers.

Don’t look to Facebook for inspiration from other mothers. Nor don’t go to Facebook for any empathetic stories from fellow mother. The goal of that website is to make self-absorbed posts and make everyone in your circle jealous. So please lay off that site and if you want motherly advice or inspiration, subscribe to mother-themed blogs.

Resolution #2: You won’t lose all that weight quickly

It’s not that easy to change your diet overnight or hit the gym every morning at 5. So why make the resolution to do so? It’s pretty unattainable for even the most fit people -- the one thing you can do is set simple goals. Cut certain bad foods out of your diet like chips, soda and fast food. As for the gym, you don’t have to go there everyday. Make a goal to get at least 30 minutes of any exercise (cardio, yoga, weights) everyday. From these simple short-term goals, you can parlay into long term results.

Resolution #3: Do something creative with those pictures

This goes back to Facebook; Don’t post every waking moment of your child’s life, accomplishments, etc. One of the informal no-no’s on the social media site is posting too much about your children. You have a lot of pictures and you want to do something with them. Why not create a professional picture book with all those photos. You can get one made at Shuttterfly, with a template and all you need to do is pick the photos. Although this album won’t be broadcasted to the masses on social media, it is something specifically for you.

Resolution #4: Step up the skin care routine

We all know mother’s work is difficult and it can take the most out of us. But don’t let it show too much. Even though the day may leave you disheveled to a point, still make time to take care of your face and your skin. There are plenty of products out there to soothe, rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. A daily routine of taking care of your skin maybe your own reminder that you still have to take care of yourself and look your best.


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