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Apps Every Mom Should Have

The working mom and the one-the-go mom is the norm right now as households have two breadwinners and a litany of bills to pay. And while both parents are taking on new roles and responsibilities in raising a family, moms everywhere seem to be a little more overwhelmed with juggling a career, a household and raising kids.

With that situation at hand, are there any tools that can help moms make the job of being “mother” any easier? Luckily, in this digital age computer and more importantly, smartphones and tablets are widely available for the general public. But smartphones and tablets have apps or applications that are making our normal, professional and family lives easier.

Here are a list of apps that should be on every working mom’s smartphone or tablet.

WebMD - Once you become a mother, you become a de facto nurse, doctor and medical technician. This app is a perfect reference for looking up symptoms related to sickness. The app also provides first aid assistance and guides for emergencies. Also, another reference to use is the geo-targeted physician and pediatrician finder that will help find medical assistance while on-the-go.

NPR - National Public Radio or any other audio news app. Long gone are the days when Mom and Dad would sit down on the couch and watch the national news presented by their trusted newsman or newswoman. With the kids on-the-go and travelling from classes to lessons to sport practices, Mom and Dad need to find a way to get their news. NPR is one news agency that provides an app with up-to-the-minute podcasts. If you have a few minutes to spare and you want to know what’s happening in the world, this app is for you.

Intuition+ is an app especially made for mom’s. It is an ideal personal assistant to orgnanize a working mother’s everyday life. It does everything from scheduling everyday appointments, children’s’ activities and lists in one place.

Here’s a shortlist of what the app can do: It splits necessary to-do lists into various categories and grocery lists by store It has a grocery items library to locate and add multiple grocery items easily and quickly. It has effortless single swipe gestures to add, check and delete items. “Mum’s Toolkit” recommends valuable advice from trusted mum bloggers, fun activities for kids to keep them engaged and helpful self-care plans. The Intuition calendar can be synced up with your iPhone, Google or iCal calendars.

Note to Mom’s everywhere: Help is on the way and you don’t have to do this yourselves. Everyone has a smartphone or a tablet these days -- and the apps one can use on iPhone or Android are helping us in our social and professional lives. But now there are apps that can help mothers organize their schedule, diagnose sickness and catch the news. Mothers should be ahead of schedule on everything, these apps will help make these easier.


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